August 7, 2011

Paronella Park in Queensland

Paronella Park was made in the 1930's by Jose Paronella for his wife, Margarita. The park is located 120km south of Cairns, Australia. Since his death, the park has suffered a fire, cyclone, and several floods. Today, you can see the remains of his dream surrounded in the nature that has taken over.


                  ^Giant Spider!                             ^Tour through a tunnel dug in a hill

Another terribly large spider

During the twilight tour :)

You Can find out more about this beautifully stunning place by visiting:


  1. Incredible work! Kudos! Thanks for following me and stay in touch!

  2. nice pics..the last pic looks positively spooky!!

  3. Thanks :D And yes, the whole twilight tour was spooky in general, but in a good way. Bats and spiders... oh my!

  4. Ohhh i think this is where the designs for 'Laputa Castle in the Sky' is based off!

  5. omgosh really!?!?! thats so awesome!!! I love that movie!