August 12, 2011


High speed photography capturing bullets going through random objects.

I should have put blood packets in the heads...

Bullet through water (actually, its called a Shadowgraph)

A Shadowgraph is an optical method that reveals non-uniformities in transparent media like air, water, or glass.  

Bullet through a shadowgraph with a divider  :D


  1. 'bullet through water' Looks choice!
    how did you take it?

    Yes! Blood packets in their head would have created a far more gruesome shot :)

    Love your photos!

  2. I have to say while these are captivating, it's hard to look away from any one of them, they also kind of creep me out... in a good way.

  3. haha, yes they are a bit creepy. :) Almost makes you try and picture other things a bullet can easily go through....

  4. These things are always cool.
    I laughed at the ones with the dolls for some reason though.

  5. Yeah, this was a throw back to my school days. :D I brought in the other objects as extras, the dolls were supposed to be the amazing shot. I wish I could go back in time and reshoot it with dark lighting and blood