March 22, 2012

The Growing Islands of Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands were formed from volcanic activity sourced at an undersea collection of magma called a hotspot. As the tectonic plate beneath the Pacific Ocean moves northwest, the hot spot remains where it is, slowly creating new volcanoes. Due to the land currently over the hotspot's location, the active volcanoes are located around the southern half of the Big Island.

Exposed Fault Lines:

 Scorched Land:

Volcanic rock formed from magma erupted from the nearby volcanos.


Steam erupting through the surface: 

 Lava in a crater:

 Adding to the coast line:

The island of Hawaii has grown at an average rate of about 0.02 km2/yr for the past 600 years.

March 18, 2012

Random Moments

One of the many perks with being a photographer... you get to capture other people's awkward moments. 

For instance... that awkward moment when you get attacked by a sea lion...

He even waved "goodbye" to the surfers about 30 mins later when he was done playing in the area.