August 5, 2011

Franz Josef Glacier

A trip to New Zealand is not complete without visiting a glacier! We picked Franz Josef Glacier to go hiking on. As with almost every other adventure in New Zealand, not much was explained before heading out. They have a "just do it" mentality. 

Glacier melting waterfall

Those little patches of black on the ice are people :)

Inside the glacier

The arches fall.... we had just walked through this one

While we were hiking, the clouds rolled in and became dark... the guide said it wasn't looking to good and the helicopters are not sure if they can make it back up to get us... and that we may have to spend the night on the glacier. He then told us it happens once in a while, in fact the previous week it had happened..

I feel as though this maybe should have been mentioned as a possibility before we had gone up... though I was pretty excited at the idea of staying overnight :)

But of course, the silly helicopter made it up to the glacier. We were the last group of people to be taken back.. I was crossing my fingers. *sigh* Maybe next time :)

1 comment:

  1. Ha, 20 mins away for being crushed by the tons of ice in those arches.
    I remeber I was being told off for being too close to them by our guide... guess he had a valid point, which he rubbed in after we heard them fall, :)