August 3, 2011

Kathmandu and Monkey Temple

These are photos from our morning trip in Kathmandu on our way to Monkey Temple, then at the Temple :) 

Inside every temple are rooms full of candles for making prayers.

Prayer wheels

There were stray dogs everywhere, these were just puppies.

I was surprised to find a little boy inside

I wasn't the only one :)

Nepali Souvenirs 

Monkeys! While taking photos, I made a very silly decision to attempt moving one of the flowers.. they all turned at once and growled at me.. since I was looking through the camera lens (I know, even better right >_<?!) I didn't notice how close they got to me...  I guess I was lucky though, I was talking to a lady later on who said she got attacked by them... 

Looks like my prayers were heard! No attack by monkeys this time :D


  1. Your photography is fantastic, and these are truly gorgeous! What camera do you use?

  2. :D!!!!!! Thanks!! I use a Nikon D3 <3

  3. omg i wish i had the money to travel and see things like this, maybe one day :) Those monkeys are adorable xD

  4. lol!!! im going to post a blog about how I have been able to travel like this... there are MANY tips to travel for very very cheap <3 You can literally do everything i've done, its quite easy :D

  5. That black and white photo of the nepali woman and begger is my favorite, it just works!
    I love reading you blog, cant wait to see what you put up next :D