August 15, 2011

Katsuoji Shrine, Japan

Katsuoji Shrine is located north of Osaka, Japan. In Mino City.

This was the first statue I saw, it was at the entrance behind a wooden gate.

Mist gliding across the entrance bridge.

Surrounded in nature.

I started seeing these little dolls in random places, so neat!

They were everywhere! (They are called Daruma Dolls, and these little ones were unique to this temple) 

People wrote down their goals and hung them up at the temple

The gardens were amazing! 

I bought 2 dolls and discovered not that every doll has a "good" fortune. If you get a bad one, you should leave it at the shrine for blessings. 




The traditional style dolls. You buy the head with its eyes blank. Once you have created a goal, you color in one eye. Upon completing the goal, you fill in the other eye. Some people bring their dolls back to the temple for blessing.

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  1. wow! Love these pictures and such an unusual find! I hope I'll be able to visit on my travels..