July 10, 2011

Human Skulls in Mexico

While in mexico, I signed up for an ATV tour. I was the only one who signed up, so it was just me and the guide. This seemed great at first, he told me I could go as fast as I wanted. 

As we're flying over a dried up river bed going towards the ocean at around 50mph, he suddenly comes to a stop. I pull up next to him. He then asks, "You're a photographer, right?" I confirm. He then says he wants to show me something CRAZY! I'm skeptical... but he takes off, realizing I dont know how to get back anyways, I follow. We sped across the riverbed to a large hill. He gets off his ATV and starts walking up it. Panic mode has begun to hit. He then walks up to a rock, sits on it, and picks up 2 human skulls.... One looked to have been bashed by something large.

I immediately thought, "Thats it! I'm dead, it's all over.... Oh God... Please not in Mexico...". He tells me that him and his friend just happened to find these.. In the middle of nowhere, behind a rock....

I obviously lived through the experience, and the photos I got made me happy. It was a really fun trip despite the momentary fear :D 

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